The American Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Association (ABCA) is a non-profit, membership-driven association with an interest in the continued free development of blockchain and distributed ledger-based technologies. These technologies are ushering in the next financial and data revolution, which will provide disruption to financial industries across the global economy, including health care, energy, consumer technology, supply-chain management, the delivery of public services, national defense, and security, and more. These technologies will also play a role in revolutionizing so many different industries from telemedicine to helping with the global renewable energy transition and AI learnings.

But while the world awakens to these promises, there remain challenges against their widespread acceptance. This is why ABCA was established, to provide a voice to the industry and foster more adoption and integration.

The American Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Association (ABCA) specializes in offering our members a voice to help create and influence the public policy debate regarding the emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency space.  Drawing on extensive relationships and networking with a broad stakeholder community, ABCA represents our membership during some of the most challenging transformative policy processes in recent memory.

ABCA provides a wide variety of research and analysis tools to support our membership base, including up-to-the-minute analysis related to the evolving regulatory and public policy debate related to cryptocurrencies, blockchain-based technological innovations, and legislative proposals at all levels of government.  This analysis aims to keep our members informed of the changing regulatory environment and empower their respective approaches and technological innovation.

The cryptocurrency environment has in recent months reacted to significant volatility around the globe, leading to cyclical stretches of rapid price appreciation and depreciation.  As the global marketplace matures and evolves, ABCA provides detailed public and proprietary marketplace analysis to help our members stay ahead of the curve in anticipating the global macroeconomic and macro political landscape which is underpinning those market forces.

Additionally, ABCA will provide leading-edge analysis related to the longer-term evolution of the technology landscape, its legal implications against prevailing regulatory and compliance requirements, and our views as to the long-term potential for the technology to impact various sectors and industries.

Since 2008, the story of cryptocurrencies and blockchain has been one of disruption in the specific realm of financial services and fintech.  Going forward, these technologies have tremendous potential to cause fundamental reassessments of countless industries, from mortgage lending and banking, health care, and digital asset management, grants management, the creative arts, grassroots outreach and mobilizing, all the way to delivery of public services and the very execution of democratic functions.

Complementing our ongoing Market Analysis suite, ABCA also produces for our members insight analysis as to the general applicability of blockchain, distributed-ledger, and cryptocurrency technology to a broad swath of IT and traditional market segments.

ABCA continues to provide visibility into these industry trends to our members through detailed research, market monitoring, and analysis to help our users anticipate the next great wave.

ABCA also coordinates various educational and training opportunities through our membership subscription service.  This includes access to white papers, marketplace primers, regular webinars, and webcasts, as well as in-person conferences, training symposiums, and networking opportunities.

Much of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is driven by innovations going on by individuals and corporations working in the marketplace.  Therefore, we leverage our membership as a resource to crowd-source trends, innovations, and development with the goal to knowledge-share across our user’s community and increase informational depth and capability.

ABCA also serves as a facilitator to help industry stakeholders meet, network, share ideas and market intelligence, and help to grow the profession of distributed-ledger computing organically.  Members are invited to our period networking opportunities in regional locations and the various ABCA events and user group meetings ABCA coordinates throughout the year.

In addition to our native events, ABCA is constantly looking to partner with other recognized organizations working in this space to bring cross-organizational programming and educational opportunities to our members and vice versa.  Partnerships can include technology incubators, other trade associations, business leagues, academic organizations, and other not-for-profit entities looking to increase technology adoption to enhance financial capability, literacy, and inclusion.

ABCA also plays an instrumental role in helping to frame and shape the ongoing public policy debates and negotiations related to the uses and legal implications of blockchain and distributed-ledger technologies.

First and foremost, our primary goal is to serve as an information exchange with our members, apprising them of the ongoing public dialogue, and giving them a voice back to lawmakers and regulators to help affect positive, sensible regulatory reform as needed.  ABCA achieves this through active engagement in the United States with members of Congress, Congressional standing committees and subcommittees, contacts in the various regulatory authorities, as well as with other interest groups and advocacy groups working in this market space.

Lastly, as countries around the globe begin to formulate their own regulatory approaches, ABCA is committed to monitoring and being part of the process of synchronized coordination in order to help inform the process of global convergence.  This in turn minimizes the risk of asymmetries which could jeopardize efficient and effective markets and technology models for our members.

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