Crypto group will try for softer tax and rules bill

September 27, 2021
Author: Daniel Tyson

A cryptocurrency trade group will seek a separate bill to reduce the tax and regulatory burden on the growing economic sector after an amendment favouring cryptocurrency failed to clear the US House of Representatives Monday.

The American Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Association (ABCA) told exclusively it “can confirm there is an appetite for a stand-alone bill. . . .” The Washington, DC-based group commented after an amendment in the massive infrastructure package to address taxation and regulation plus additional industry concerns failed to gain traction in the House.

Currently, cryptocurrency is considered “property” for US income tax purposes and are subject to the same capital gains treatment as stocks. Gains from trading coins held as capital assets are treated as investment income, the Internal Revenues Service (IRS) said in guidance explaining the taxation of virtual currency.


The ABCA has numerous issues it would like to address with Congress members and senior staffers.

In addition to the proposed language in the infrastructure bill, the trade group and lawmakers are discussing the Biden administration’s reporting requirements and the clarification and explanation of how protocol works, said the organisation’s President Howard Greenberg.

The ABCA is also focusing on legislation requiring financial institutions to report to the IRS personal transactions of $600 or more. “A concern many feel warranted since the reporting for a standard banking transfer is much higher,” he said. The current threshold is $10,000.

Greenberg told these “ongoing discussions” about cryptocurrency are happening with Congress to “help craft a meaningful and positive director for the industry.”

Educating lawmakers

The inability to pass pro-cryptocurrency amendments demonstrates the importance of educating lawmakers about the multi-billion-dollar industry, the group said. It argues that adding common sense rules and regulations will help the industry continue to grow.

“We are seeing the fallout of overregulation in Hong Kong as large businesses, like FTX, are leaving due to regulatory concerns. We would hate to see the same fate in the U.S. It is our hope that Members of Congress embrace innovation and continue America’s global leadership with this digital transformation,” said Greenberg.